So you say when I kiss you, I’ll know, I will just know…and what is this that you hint at, this “knowing”?

Can all my dreams and hopes be realized from a kiss, like gold and silver charms dangling from a bracelet?  Is it a spontaneous trip this kiss, or a planned pursuit from crimson fulfillment?

How can a kiss dare promise so much?
Can it erase all one’s fears and doubts, the ages of heartache and damaged history?  Tell me, can they all disappear from a simple, unassuming kiss?  How could one express such bliss from just a sweet, blameless, unadorned kiss?

Is this kiss strong, of sweet perfume, powerful and secure, fragrant and weighted with intent?  Can it be easily broken and torn, like nicks in the frayed cords of trust, or will it withstand heartache, this fragile kiss?

Are you a magician, daring to perform such an elusive illusion for a baited fool? And why should yours be so different, so special, set apart from lovers past or future to make me take notice?

Can hopes be reawakened from their slumber by this precocious, gifted kiss, opening one’s soul as a splendid bouquet of flowers, or will they lose their scent and color over time once given?

Will I lust for no other’s expression?  Or will it betray the senses, unraveling expectations and assurances to leave inspiration choking in the dust?

Dash it to stone leaving volumes unspoken deceived by soft, pursed lips…a trickster, a ghost musician, the pied piper leading me again to an unknown, inevitable betrayed fate?

Should I decide to kiss your lips, what troubles would befall me?  Would I stumble from my own path, or would it push me forward steadfast like the wind at my back and the sun in my eyes, so I will yearn for no other’s but glorious yours?

A playful dance of lovers’ lips, soft and inviting your tender song and vows.  Like Eve tempted by the euphoric fruit – what awakenings should your lips bequeath upon me?  Will it be the ecstasy of paradise or the exit from my tranquil comfort of Eden’s peace?

Yet, I invite this kiss, meant to be shared, desiring to be whole, without two it cannot endure. Taking a chance despite my wisdom and doubts; defying my inner warnings; not heeding my hesitance and resistances which have no place in this kiss.

So my heart journeys forth intrepid, incited and impelled, yet again…