The benefits of investing in an adult coloring book has been no stranger to recent news.  If you’re a stress puppy, anxious, depressed, need another way to unwind besides yoga, exercise, chamomile tea or a power nap, try coloring!  It’s a wonderful anxiety reliever, opens your creative channel, celebrates the inner child and helps you focus and forget the struggles of the daily grind!

I tend to carry my coloring books and pencils any chance I can get, even in preference to my notebook computer.  A great adult coloring book can provide many months of meditative entertainment since they are detailed and intricate in their designs.

Get Social:  If they’re around, join a Coloring Meetup Group.  I frequently participate in such a group where for a small fee of $5 (to cover supply costs) about 20 or more “coloristas” get together for company, coffee and coloring.  Coloring books and ample supplies inviting await – no need to bring your own.  You meet people and can communicate or just listen while focusing on only that – coloring. No eye contact required!

Fall in Love:  Don’t just settle for any coloring book on the shelf.  Shop around until you find the one with designs and artwork that speak to your inner child and spirit.  It’s important to choose the right one for you. It’s no different than picking out a car, furniture or any important investment.  Pick one that you are drawn to, that makes you “want” to color.  Flip through the pages and see if you have the desire to color the images within.  If they don’t inspire you to color, leave it on the shelf.

Use your Imagination: While you may be on autopilot to color a rose red, or a canary yellow, remember that “normal” doesn’t have to apply to the laws of coloring.  There’s a reason coloring pencils and markers come in packs of 64 or even 100.  Don’t limit yourself to a standard few.  Experiment with outlines, a blend of pencils and markers, tones and shading.  The act of coloring needs to be inspirational and motivating.

Explore your Options:  Remember that part of the coloring experience is tangible.  Use a manual pencil sharpener in addition to an electric sharpener.  It’s light and easy to carry, plus fun to use.  Go with coloring pencils and colors that “feel” right in your hand and comfortable in your grip when you put it to paper.  Different types of paper materials have various effects with colors. Markers have different degrees of thinness and thickness.  Experiment with different brands and selections!

Coloring is a simple and effective outlet for focusing your thoughts and energies in a positive and calming manner.  It allows for creativity and meditation.  If you haven’t tried coaxing your inner child with coloring, give it a try and see how it feels.

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