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What is a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a business owner and independent contractor, not an employee.  The Seasoned Secretary provides a variety of area support, either in-person (if local), or “virtually” using a personal, highly effective office and technology setup. Growing businesses find it extremely versatile and helpful for many reasons, including the delegation of tedious task work, assistance with special projects where extra help is required, temporary needs (e.g., if a full-time employee is absent), and for its cost-effectiveness.

25 Tasks to Outsource to A Virtual Assistant

people-new-york-train-crowdThe Seasoned Secretary has over 25 years of demonstrated Executive Administrative experience supporting all levels of management with diversified companies.  With a demonstrated profile, courteous and professional demeanor, progressive work ethic, well-organized manner and superior people skills, my talents would be a great asset to any firm environment.

I enjoy being challenged while maintaining a significant level of flexibility.  I have a passion for working on diverse projects, thinking outside of the box, being a strategic thinker, and able to effectively communicate and coordinate between several different projects with an extraordinary attention to detail.  Stagnant has no room in my vocabulary.

Through timely and effective scheduling, skillful communication and successful problem resolution, I will help set and assess the fundamentals for your company’s and department’s success. I enjoy becoming an engaged and resourceful team member; yet, able to work independently when required with the ability to quickly and appropriately prioritize and tackle red flags as they arise.

I will quickly learn and assess your firm’s goals, perform the responsibilities with accuracy, thoroughness and efficiency, in addition to bringing a warm smile and enthusiastic attitude!


education-1651259_640One phrase I frequently tell my employers when it comes to completing work assignments is:  “Do you just want it done, or do you want it done right?” That’s the mission of The Seasoned Secretary.  Getting the job done right!

The same systems that are incorporated in large offices are transferable to a small business.  Large and small businesses each have different concerns, budgets, time restraints and goals.  However, an entrepreneur CEO should be treated no differently than a CEO for a large conglomerate.

Having worked in both types of environments, I am able to effectively recognize and transfer that knowledge.  I realized with the onset of tech-savvy small firms and individuals, coupled with the internal shifting and downsizing of corporate structures, there was a demand for temporary/as-needed/part-time assistance.  This type of assistance not only helps with limited budgets, but also allows entrepreneurs to be more effective – freeing them from the mundane tasks that hold them back from any real progress and passion in venturing towards what they need to focus on: obtaining more business and customer satisfaction.  From administrative to marketing to special projects (and everything in between), any opportunity to assist in even a small way is a step towards success.

I handle every assignment, and your business, with care, seriousness and professionalism.  I take great pride in each endeavor. You’re business is my business!


2014-05-30-13-31-28Sometimes it’s difficult in knowing how, and when, to get started.  There’s a lack of trust in delegation, especially when owning your own business.  Sometimes the extra burdens fall on staff already overloaded.  It’s difficult to trust your business, (your “baby”) to someone else to take care of the way you do.

Most individuals and entrepreneurs feel they can juggle multiple tasks effectively, or that they don’t have the budget to hire someone to help.  Sometimes they don’t believe another person will garner the same pride and mindset in accomplishment as they do.

These are debilitating beliefs that need to be shed in order to facilitate change and true progress for yourself and your business. When you’re ready to move forward and ask questions, give me a call or send me an email.  I’d be delighted to show you how bringing on a Virtual Assistant can make change less intimidating and more productive, so you have more time for yourself personally, and increased drive and passion for doing the things you truly love and prefer to do – growing and nurturing your business!




Administrative Support

Whether it’s a gatekeeper role, office management, reception work, data entry, calendaring, IT maintenance, computer training, filling in for an absent employee or just organizing company files, The Seasoned Secretary provides professional and quality support in all administrative capacities.

Job Search Assistance

Job hunting is a full-time job in itself.  Let The Seasoned Secretary be your Job Search Sherpa!  I will provide thoughtful and educated guidance all aspects involved in the employment search, such as résumé and cover letter writing, career coaching, job applications, online search engines, etc.  Learn how to target the right employers and what to expect when expecting a job.

Digital Marketing

One size does not fit all when it comes to promoting your business, and each business benefits from different types of marketing scenarios.  The Seasoned Secretary assists with light promotional marketing items, digital marketing campaigns, content writing and proofreading, event assistance, social media and simple website design.  Overall marketing assessments are also offered and profoundly useful as a first step to consider for cost-effectiveness and projects that involve more in-depth needs and endeavors.

Basic Bookkeeping

Do you know if your company spends effectively or what you’re spending on?  Do you have trouble managing your expenses?  The Seasoned Secretary can assist with basic bookkeeping entries, help with expense reports, monitor accounts payable/receivables, help organize your budget and more. Don’t waste valuable time or money.  Budget and spending assessments are a useful first-step method to see the big picture when creating cost-effectiveness in the workplace.

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